In my role as a coach I will help you identify what areas you need to focus on in order to grow. Together we break down the obstacles, shape the path forward and find the tools you need to reach you full potential. Coaching is co-creating, it builds awareness and empowers choice and leads to change!

My ability to connect with people and, to see their strengths and gifts has helped numerous people reach their full potential. 

Your time is now, lets do this!

Jessica Schultz

Coach, NLP Practioner, trainer and speaker

What results can I expect?

Whatever you’re experiencing, there are issues that I have seen before and probably even been there myself. I have the ability to connect with people, to see their strengths and gifts and help them reach their fully potential. I often see your strengths and gifts before you see them yourself!


Action steps


Set Goals

What do you want?

What goals are you aiming for?

Develop an action plan

What action steps will you take?
How do you see yourself achieving that?

Overcome obstacles

What obstacles could get in the way? What support/resources do you need?

Assess your progress

When will you check in on these goals?
What did it take for you to accomplish this?

My mission is to support and guide anyone who is willing to do the work in order to take their life and/or business to the next level. Due to my own experience of being burnout from stress I find it especially rewarding to work in those areas where the individual already has hit the famous wall or are heading towards it.

Accountability is important for your growth

When you are accountable, you understand and accept the consequences of your actions in the areas in which you take on responsibility. This is an important part of any growth or conscious change in life, and sometimes you need some extra support. Let me be your accountability partner and support you in your progress.  

Do you want a change in your life?

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I’m selective in who I work with, so should you. If you don´t like my personality and my approach, then I am not the right coach for you. Coaching is a partnership and I am totally committed to the success of my clients, but this is work, sometimes very hard work. I’m not interested in working with people who consistently make excuses, reschedule appointments and just don’t show up. Your success is my success, and this is not possible to achieve without a good matching relationship.

Having a coach is like having a personal trainer, and no one expects result after one session at the gym. The same goes for coaching, you cannot expect lasting results after one session, unless you have one specific situation that you want to get clearer about, and work through.

All clients see results within the first few sessions in the form of a more positive outlook, increased productivity, better boundaries, new clients or new prospects. But this isn’t just a quick fix – you have to keep doing the work, and if you do, you will earn more, be more productive and have greater balance in your life.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden, but since my work with my clients is done online/over the phone, I am not restricted by geography and have clients all over the world. I work both in English and Swedish.
Our sessions include high-level coaching, workshops and mastermind groups via WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype. I currently have one private coaching program that offer two sessions per month but if you wish for more, it is possible to customise. Each program is for six months initially, however many of my clients stay with me longer.

The first call/session every month is the longer one, 45-60 minutes. The second session is a bit shorter 30 minutes and has more of a follow up/check – in orientation.

You are expected to work and prepare each session with action, and steps that you commit to at each session. I am your accountability partner who will push you to move in the desired direction.

Every month you get a new fresh video with topics relevant to your growth and development. You also get relevant material to work with, all to support your growth.

Great! Did you know that one of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is that they take immediate action? So, congratulations! Let’s get started! Book your acquainted session with me here

Absolutely. You can reach me on WhatsApp + 46 (0)72 500 40 22 or email me on I’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you