Why did you become a coach?

I have been coaching managers and professionals within the organizational context as a part of my HR roles since 2008 but I have always been interested in helping people reach their full potential.

At the beginning of my career I did not realize that coaching could be a career and profession on its own. Now when I do, I just love supporting people in reaching their full potential. In 2017 decided that I needed a coach myself, and this was my best decision ever.

Why did I decide to get a coach for myself? I had been working on with my own consultancy since 2014, and my business did not move in the direction I wanted. At the same time, I found myself being burnout of from stress. I am not sure having a coach earlier would have stopped me from getting burnout, but I am 100 % certain that she was the one who helped me getting back in shape as fast as I did.

She helped me in identifying what habits got me the situation I ended up in. She also helped me with a strategy moving forward. I believe that I would not have come this far in my life without a coach by my side. And three years later, I still work with the same coach.

I am convinced that everyone needs a coach, and my coach Mandy has been supporting me in taking my life and business to the next level. I cannot imagine to be without her.

Since 2017 I have made it my commitment and mission to help entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, corporate executives and others become “the best version of themselves” by recognizing their gifts, changing their mind-set, identifying restricting habits and becoming more accountable to themselves and those around them.