Why did you become a coach?

I have been coaching managers and professionals within the organizational context as a part of my HR roles since 2008 but I have always been interested in helping people reach their full potential.

At the beginning of my career I did not realize that coaching could be a career and profession on its own. Now when I do, I just love supporting people in reaching their full potential. In 2017 decided that I needed a coach myself, and this was my best decision ever.

Why did I decide to get a coach for myself? I had been working on with my own consultancy since 2014, and my business did not move in the direction I wanted. At the same time, I found myself being burnout of from stress. I am not sure having a coach earlier would have stopped me from getting burnout, but I am 100 % certain that she was the one who helped me getting back in shape as fast as I did.

She helped me in identifying what habits got me the situation I ended up in. She also helped me with a strategy moving forward. I believe that I would not have come this far in my life without a coach by my side. And three years later, I still work with the same coach.

I am convinced that everyone needs a coach, and my coach Mandy has been supporting me in taking my life and business to the next level. I cannot imagine to be without her.

Since 2017 I have made it my commitment and mission to help entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, corporate executives and others become “the best version of themselves” by recognizing their gifts, changing their mind-set, identifying restricting habits and becoming more accountable to themselves and those around them.

Who are your ideal clients?

My mission is to support and help women, but I work with anyone who is willing to do the work to take their life and/or business to the next level. Due to my own experience being burnout from stress I find it especially rewarding to work with women (and men) who are in the same situation – on their way back from, or on their way into the “famous wall”.

How are you different from other coaches?

Whatever you’re experiencing, chances I’ve seen it before and probably even been there myself. I have the ability to connect with people, to see their strengths and gifts and help them reach their full potential. I often see your strengths and gifts before you see them yourself!  I am focused on you and your success. We’ll work together using proven tools, personal accountability and a step-by-step strategy to take you to the next level.

What is expected of me?

I work with committed, highly motivated people who put their heads and hearts into their work, but need some help reaching a higher level of success. You will be expected to take the coaching process seriously and to be accountable for doing the work that needs to be done. In return, you’ll get fresh ideas, practical solutions, support, and, most important, results.

Do I turn down clients?

I’m selective in who I work with, so should you. If you don´t like my personality and my approach, then I am not the right coach for you. Coaching is a partnership and I am totally committed to the success of my clients, but this is work, sometimes very hard work. I’m not interested in working with people who consistently make excuses, reschedule appointments and just don’t show up. Your success is my success, and this is not possible to achieve without a good matching relationship.

How quickly can I expect results?

Having a coach is like having a personal trainer, and no one expects result after one session at the gym. The same goes for coaching, you cannot expect lasting results after one session, unless you have one specific situation that you want to get clearer about and work through.

All clients see results within the first few weeks in the form of more positive outlook, increased productivity, better boundaries, new clients or new prospects, and even more revenue. But this isn’t just a quick fix – you have to keep doing the work, and if you do, you will earn more, be more productive and have greater balance in your life.

How will we work together and what’s involved?

Our sessions include high-level coaching, workshops and mastermind groups via WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype. I currently have one private coaching program that offer two sessions per month but if you wish for more, it is possible to customise. Each program is for six months initially, however many of my clients stay with me longer.

The Basic Program Two calls/session per month

The first call/session every month is the longer one, 45-60 minutes. The second session is a bit shorter 30 minutes and has more of a follow up/check – in focus.

You are expected to work and prepare each session with action, and steps that you commit to at each session. I am your accountability partner who will push you to move in the desired direction.

Every month you get a new fresh video with topics relevant to your growth and development. You also get relevant material to work with, all to support your growth.

I want to go ahead, how do we get started?

Great! Did you know that one of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is that they take immediate action? So, congratulations! Let’s get started! Book your acquainted session with me here: